Tennis is a sport that is very rewarding in many ways. Socially. Our club has a great social scene and friendly atmosphere with a plethora of activities happening throughout the year there is always a warm welcome. Physically, tennis is a non contact sport there fore injuries are scarce and offers good cardio vascular exercise and strengthens a multitude of muscle groups there is no age limit either. Pop your tennis racquet in your suitcase and you could play tennis with anybody anywhere in the world! Your racquet could be your passport to new friendships and horizons and a new YOU!!!

Bridlington Lawn Tennis Club has PTR qualified tennis coaching available for people of all ages and abilities. Beginners are especially welcomed as well as seasoned experienced players to our group sessions or one on one classes.


Sundays 12-1 p.m.

Group sessions for beginners include all the basic guidance from basic ground stroke building and development to: serving technique with our serve clinic, volleys, smashes and finally to learning the nuances of match play. The sessions are tailored to build your confidence on court and to give you all the weapons you need to enjoy a good game of tennis. Work of fitness and flexibility is also encouraged to help your tennis experience become a memorable journey.


Sundays 1-2.15 p.m.

Tailor made classes working on specific stroke improvements for each player has proved a great success from which many of our members have benefitted. Groundstroke drills and all aspects of net play are focussed on regularly. Serve clinics are often included in the proceedings to great effect plus fun match play and footwork drills are all thrown in to spice up the game of any tennis player whatever their level.


Available on request

A patient, personal and more detailed approach to learning or improving your tennis. Individual coaching sessions offer the quickest route to grasping the game or improving specific facets of your play. Harder work than group sessions but very rewarding.


Contact John

We have the intention of offering a ladies only class sometime either on a weekday or weekend depending on how much interest there is. For further information on this and any other of the aforementioned classes please contact John on 07926544692 or our email address.